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About Us  Rash L Home is a building maintenance service company that operates in the home and goes out to the customers and does the work on site. Rash L Handyman Company is Local In Pittsburgh, PA. - Where we offer a building maintenance service for homeowners and businesses home improvement with painters installs window blinds.   We plan to grow with our customers and make them a part of our family and let us handle all there maintenance needs as repair and installer jobs become available in the home and company. 

 Our service technicians handle the jobs for the residential or companies needing some building maintenance work done because they has no time to do themselves  So, Customers can make an appointment. Not able to reach a high level of the customer at this time because we are still trying to grow the brand in size. Customers can schedule appointments through fill out the work order form on our website to receive the service right away in your home or the company. We are house painters handyman offering house painting service by painters local